Masakuni #8007 HEAVY DUTY Bonsai Wire Cutter

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  • Masakuni #8007 HEAVY DUTY Bonsai Wire Cutter 
  • The ultimate Masakuni heavy duty bonsai wire cutter
  • Overall length 260mm
  • Stainless steel rust proof coating
  • Supplied in a colour printed presentation box

Masakuni #8007 HEAVY DUTY Bonsai Wire Cutter 

The ultimate heavy duty bonsai wire cutter.

As you would expect from Masakuni this wire cutter is innovative and of the very highest quality. A wire cutter never seems a very exciting or glamorous tool to own. After all a pair of electrical snips will cut wire easily. However if you have had to remove the wire from a large and fully wired bonsai tree you will be painfully aware that using the wrong tool can be hard work, frustrating and detrimental to the tree.

For use in bonsai a wire cutter must cut right at the tip and not twist the wire sideways as this can damage bark. In order to do this the jaws have to be immensely strong and the pivot has to be very well engineered to keep the jaws in alignment under very high loads. The tool must also have high leverage to prevent user fatigue, if you have spent 6 hours removing wire you will know what we mean!

The problem with bonsai wire cutters is the fact that nobody makes a big one capable of cutting 6mm aluminium or 5mm copper in a single snip, except Masakuni that is. Graham has been using one of these #8007 for over 10 years now and folk keep asking if they can get one so here it is. Certainly not a tool for everyone but if you need the best heavy duty wire cutter, there really is nothing close to this beast.

260mm overall length for cutting up to 6mm aluminium and 5mm copper.

Supplied in a printed presentation box.