Miniature Bonsai Accent Plant Pots - Lucky Dip

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  • Miniature Bonsai Accent Plant Pots - Lucky Dip
  • High quality pots for miniature bonsai & accent plants
  • Average size is between 55mm and 75mm
  • We will select your order at random from our stock.

Miniature Bonsai Accent Plant Pots - Lucky Dip

These charming little high quality pots are perfect for miniature bonsai or accent plants. All are glazed in a wide array of lovely colours including greens, cream, blue and if you are very lucky even an occasional red.

Because we have to buy a very large carton of mixed pots we cannot offer specific styles or colours. Therefore when you order we will send the next pots out of the box but, rest assured that you will be delighted. There are over twenty styles and lots of colours. If you order multiple items we will do our best to make sure they are as different from each other as possible.

Price is for one pot randomly selected from our stock. Photo shows some of the styles and colours available and illustrates the quality. The images do not show every option available.

Overall dimensions at the longest edge vary from 55mm to 75mm on average.

Price is per pot.