Lightwave 4 Tube 2' Fluorescent Grow Light

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  • The Light Wave unit is a revelation for plant growth
  • A beautiful quality unit that you just remove from the box and plug in
  • Fully assembled and ready to go, no messing! 
  • Lightwave units simply ooze quality once you get them out of the box
  • 4 tube 2' complete growlight solution

Lightwave 4-Tube Fluorescent Grow Light.

Supplemental lighting is something that is used across the whole spectrum of horticulture. However in relation to bonsai cultivation it's use is rare. Anyone living in the U.K or similar northern climes will be only too familiar with the dull gloomy days of winter. Many people suffer from S.A.D at this time of year and it's safe to say that many of our trees feel the same. Evergreens, particularly those from warmer climates suffer badly over winter due to the lack of light and I am sure most of us have Japanese junipers that look dull and grey. Using supplemental lighting will keep evergreens sparkling all winter. Lighting is also vital for keeping tropical indoor plants healthy over winter when light intensity is low.

Horticultural lighting can be used for a great many purposes including....

Preparing trees for winter exhibition. Lighting gives the tree a vibrant healthy green colour.

Essential for restoring sickly plants to health quickly summer or winter.

Kick starts plants in early spring to ensure maximum growth over summer.

Used in conjunction with bottom heat will ensure very rapid establishment of yamadori.

Ensures the strong germination and development of any plants grown from seed.

Allows early germination and development of seed crops prior to planting out in spring.

Develops tight bushy plants and ramification on bonsai.

Creates small tight dense leaf formation on deciduous trees.

Draws on flowering and improves flower formation and performance.

Rapidly and dramatically improves rooting and subsequent growth of cuttings at any time of year.

Vital for the health and vitality of indoor plants including tropical bonsai species, orchids, cactus, African violets etc'.

Guarantees rapid establishment of all plants following re-potting.

Just a few days of supplemental lighting will revive sickly or ailing plants of all types.

Perfect for the lighting of aquarium, vivarium, terrarium and propagators.

The LightWave unit is a revelation for plant production and maintenance. A beautiful quality unit that you just remove from the box and plug in. Fully assembled and ready to go, no messing! Lightwave units simply ooze quality once you get them out of the box.

The Lightwave grow lamp technology is rapidly gaining a reputation for outstanding performance in terms of light output versus power consumed. Ideal for large or small scale propagation thanks to the exceptionally even spread of light that they create. Each individual tube is surrounded by a separate groove in the reflector, carefully shaped to optimize light crossover without wasting any output. Lightwaves are much more efficient that normal growlight bulbs because they produce an even column of intense light with virtually no heat, thus allowing the unit to be positioned close to your plants without risk of scorching. Each unit includes steel cables for hanging above your plants. Alternatively just stand the unit against the wall and light from the side.

See what a recent customer had to say.. "3 days under the grow lights and the branch of the Black Pine that has done nothing for 18 months has started growing needles !!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking of using it on the top of my head to see if it can produce similar results???????"

Supplied with 6500k blue wave length 24w tubes for vegetative growth.

Narrow two tube units are ideal for positioning in window recesses above a windowsill.

4 x tube units are perfect for positioning above benches in grow rooms, conservatories and greenhouses.

4 tube unit measures 59cm long, 36.5cm wide, 6cm deep and houses 4x 24 watt tubes with integral on/off switch.

Replacement tubes are available Click Here