Leptospermum - Tea Tree Shohin Bonsai - TS4359

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  • Leptospermum - Tea Tree Shohin Bonsai
  • Beautiful small bonsai with spectacular foliage
  • In summer it produces dense clusters of little pink flowers.
  • 9" tall above it's pot. 10" wide overall. 
  • Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot

Leptospermum - Tea Tree Bonsai

Leptospermum scoparium is a member of the myrtle family commonly known as tea tree. It's a native of Australia, New Zealand and southeast Asia. Plants in the genus Leptospermum range in size from prostrate shrubs to small trees and have fibrous, flaky or papery bark. The leaves are arranged alternately and are relatively small, needle like, rigid and often aromatic when crushed.

The flowers are in clusters of two or three with five broad ovate petals. The flower colours range from white to pink and red and there are varieties with both single and double flowers. The odd flower is often observed in the winter months as well which betrays where Leptospermum scoparium comes from.

In bonsai cultivation leptospermum are easily developed largely by pruning but shaping with wire is possible but only young thin branches can be succesfully bent. Trees will do best in a hot warm corner outside in full sun in summer. Alternatively leptospermum bonsia will thrive in a hot greenhouse all summer. Allow soil to dry JUST A LITTLE between watering. Fertilise sparingly every few weeks in summer. Re-potting should only be done after new growth begins in late spring or in mid-summer. Don't bare root leptospermum and use a fine dense neutral soil mix. 

Leptospermum will withstand an occasional frost but in pot cultivation plants should be overwintered in a cold greenhouse or conservatory. Keep the soil barely wet in winter, wet feet in cold conditions will kill this variety quickly.

9" tall above it's pot. 10" wide overall. 

Planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot. 

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