Leaf Coat Anti-Transpirant - Bonsai Care Products

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  • Resists Fungal Diseases
  • Controls Pests
  • Forms a Latex Coating
Leaf Coat is an organic product made from a natural latex. A ready to use foliar spray bottle, Leaf Coat works by forming a thin elastic layer on the leaf's surface. This permeable coating allows air and sunlight through whilst at the same time helps your plant resist attacks from pests or fungal diseases. Primarily developed to restrain evaporation, Leaf Coat is ideal for use when transplanting cuttings/ seedlings from an environment with high humidity, to one with a low relative humidity. Being a natural product, Leaf Coat will degrade after 2 weeks leaving no residuals on your plants, perfect for use in any Hydroponic grow environment.

Leaf Coat strengthens plants and provides them with a powerful expelling effect on harmful insects.

500ml ready to use spray.