Large Bonsai Nursery Pots

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  • Large plastic pots for bonsai & nursery stock
  • Perfect for establishing and developing yamadori and collected trees
  • Strong UV stabilised heavy duty plastic
  • Rigid construction with multiple drainage holes
  • Available in 15 inch, 20 inch & 24" diameter

Most people put plants into bonsai pots much to soon and whilst this may improve the look of the tree it will seriously retard it's development as bonsai. These 'half' style pots are used in professional bonsai production nurseries across the world. They are deeper than bonsai pots and offer a good balance for developing plants into bonsai. Just the right depth to allow good soil drainage and nutrient retention but shallow enough to develop a flat root system for the future. Experience dramatically higher growth rates compared to bonsai pots.

Strong*, rigid, silk finish terracotta coloured, UV stabilised plastic with a multitude of good sized drainage holes and a ring of feet that lift the pot just enough to allow drainage of excess water. The PERFECT pots for establishing collected material and developing plants as bonsai trees.

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* See the image of Graham standing on one of these. He’s no light weight!

These pots all have to ship by courier due to their large size and cannot be shipped by our cheaper delivery service which has size limits.