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Large Bonsai Branch & Trunk Splitter - Carbon Steel Bonsai Tools

In stock
  • Large bonsai branch & trunk splitter
  • Black carbon steel
  • Suitable for splitting branches up to 24mm diameter
  • 266mm Overall length

The technique of splitting a heavy Bonsai branch prior to bending is used often in Japan. This is the best and toughest version of a splitter we have seen. Unmistakable engineering excellence. Invaluable in the creation of deadwood without using power tools. 

For sharpening these tools we recommend our Diamond sharpening pen

Designed for professional use these beautiful tools will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. 

Black carbon steel Bonsai Branch Splitter suitable for splitting deadwood or live branches prior to bending. Splits up to 24mm wide green wood and branches. 
Harder wood should be cut in small increments to prevent tool damage.