Larch Bonsai Tree

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  • A craggy larch from a private collection
  • Powerful thick trunk and mature branching
  • Lots of fine ramification ready to begin refinement work
  • 28" tall from the top of it's bonsai pot. 31" wide overall
  • 7" diameter nebari
  • Planted in a Japanese unglazed bonsai pot.

Larch Bonsai Tree

Larix Leptolepis. Larch needs little introduction. A most exciting and super tough species to cultivate as bonsai. The tree exhibits a wonderful change of character as the seasons roll around. Winter brings a hard, rough looking character to the tree without it's leaves. However spring time is undoubtedly the best as the little green 'shaving brushes' of foliage push out of the dark craggy twigs. Autumn brings a pale lemon yellow colour before leaf fall. Super tough and perfect for bonsai cultivation. Hardy to below -40 Celsius. Larch appreciate a little protection from summer heat. Keep very well watered and fertilize throughout the growing season. Once mature larch produce little cones quite freely. The tree is very flexible so shaping with wire is a simple and safe job to do. A very easy tree to develop as bonsai.

This larch came to us as part of a private collection. The owner has worked on it for over 20 years though of late it's been a little neglected. Growing well this tree exhibits a fantastic craggy appearance with it's old flaking bark and gnarly branches. Take the time to fine wire over winter and refine the branch structure and this will be ready for the show bench next summer. We would recommend a re-pot next spring. A beautiful old bonsai with a lot of character.

Planted in a Japanese unglazed bonsai pot.

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.