Lapillo Medium Grade Volcanic Bonsai Soil Growing Media

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  • A new medium grade Lapillo with a beautiful earth tone
  • 5-10mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range
  • Significant colour change from wet to dry
  • 100% frost proof, maintains it's structure indefinitely
  • Information on how Kaizen Bonsai soil products are described, graded & packaged

A new medium grade volcanic Lapillo with a colour almost identical to Akadama.

Lapillo is formed during violent volcanic eruptions and is the term used for small particles (2-65mm) that explode into the atmosphere and cool on their descent back to earth. This violent formation creates a fine honeycomb structure which is perfect for cultivating plants. Our Lapillo has a very attractive earth brown colour almost identical to Akadama and is graded from 5-10mm in particle size, perfect for use in bonsai pots. Because of the hard nature of the product some finnes are inevitable and these tend to cling to the larger particles. No sieving is required as the finnes simply wash out when watered.

The porosity of the material averages 50-60% by volume. Lapillo has high levels of iron, magnesium and other minerals vital to plant health.
100% frost proof, Lapillo can be sieved out and reused many times.
Has a similar structure to Japanese Fuji grit.

We recommend using Lapillo in conjunction with other bonsai soil products like Akadama, Bark , Moler, Pumice

Mix with other products to create a free draining, long lasting mineral rich growing environment for your bonsai trees. The very attractive colour is also great for top dressing.

A fantastic product that is produced from natural deposits with a minimum of processing and transportation.

Benefits include...
5-10mm mesh graded to produce an approximate particle size close to this range.
Nice subdued colour, perfect for top dressing.
Good moisture retention
Guaranteed frost proof
High AFP (air filled porosity)
Promotes strong dense rooting
High mineral content including iron
Easily re-used
Neutral PH
Guaranteed free of harmful substances

Using Kaizen Bonsai Pumice & Lapillo
Our Pumice and Lapillo products are horticultural grade materials. Their use is a little different from other similar products you may have encountered, especially pumice where less absorbent hard grade ( intended as industrial abrasive) materials are most commonly encountered. In general we would recommend mixing these products with other ingredients with desirable characteristics, for exampleBark or Moler. For more information see our Guide to Selecting Bonsai Soils

When you receive your Pumice or Lapillo you will notice the material appears to contain some degree of fine grain and dust. However being damp this will bind to the larger particles. There is no need to sieve these products. Simply use straight from the bag, mix and or pot up your plants in the normal way. Once complete water thoroughly, watching the water that drains from the bottom of the pot, once this runs clear you are finished. The finer particles will bind into the larger spaces created by bigger grains. This will create a very high percentage of micro pore spaces that will be colonised by fine feeder roots and mycelium resulting in the perfect natural rhizosphere and will ensure your plants absolutely flourish. 

Kaizen Bonsai Pumice and Lapillo are ultra absorbent materials that are frost proof and will maintain their integrity for many years. Both products can be sieved out of old repotting soil, removing dead roots and other organic contaminants. Water the resulting material with Cannazym and allow to stand for several weeks before re-using. 

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