Kiyonal Bonsai Wound/Cut Sealant - Graft Sealing Paste

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  • Kiyonal Bonsai Wound/Cut Sealant 
  • Cut sealing product for bonsai trees
  • Use for sealing all cuts above or beneath the soil
  • Dries waterproof and almost transparent
  • 100g tube lasts for ages and will not go 'off' or solidify after opening
  • Made in Japan

Kiyonal Bonsai Wound/Cut Sealant - Graft Sealing Paste

Having the consistency of toothpaste this product is traditionally used for sealing cuts to roots of Bonsai when re-potting.

Forms a water and air tight seal when dry and almost entirely transparent.

Ideal for sealing tiny cuts to twigs ect., simply pick up a little amount on the end of a chopstick and dab onto the cut area.

Very useful with azaleas as the airtight seal seems to encourage much faster healing.

Can also be used to seal grafts, much cleaner than using wax.

So long as the cap is securely applied this product keeps indefinitely once opened.