Keto-Tsuchi - Japanese Peat Muck - Kokedama Soil

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  • Japanese peat muck, Keto Tsuchi
  • Keto is the magic ingredient used when creating landscape or rock plantings
  • 1Kg pack approx 7" ball
  • Sufficient for a small landscape planting or a larger kokedama
  • Kept cool and sealed in it's bag will keep indefinitely

1Kg (Approx' 7" ball)

Keto Tsuchi is the magic ingredient when creating Kokedama.
which is enough for a small landscape planting as featured in our slide show. Store tightly sealed in plastic in a cool place and keto will keep indefinitely. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE EU.

For more information on using this product see our slideshow

Often called Japanese peat clay or peat muck. This unique product is neither peat or clay. Keto comes from rotting vegetation lying deep in waterlogged ground, typically rice paddies. The material has soft clay like qualities but unlike clay will not cause water to puddle. Use when constructing plantings on slabs or rocks. Use to build a retaining wall to contain standard growing medium and create landscape profiles prior to the application of moss covering. In time the trees roots will grow into the Keto and moss and bind everything together.