Kaizen Professional Series Bonsai Shears - High Quality

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  • Professional Series Bonsai Shears - High Quality
  • Brushed stainless alloy steel finish
  • Designed for professional all day use
  • 210mm overall length
  • Cuts wire up to 3.5mm
  • Cuts dry twigs up to 6mm (in the back of the blade)

Kaizen Professional Series Bonsai Shears - High Quality.

There are endless variations of bonsai pruning scissors out there and buying something can always be a bit of a gamble, especially if you have little experience. The golden rule is you get what you pay for. A cheap tool is exactly what it says. Good bonsai tools are incredible pieces of engineering and unlike anything else available. Being so unique bonsai tools are still hand made by skilled craftsman so unlike mass produced machine made tools they are never going to be cheap.

Look at any genuinely skilled artisan and chances are their tool kit will be a rag-tag bunch of hard worked and well worn items of indetermiante origins. The primary tool in any bonsai artisans arsenal will be a stout pair of scissors. These are normally used to cut everything from fresh green foliage to copper wire. When you need to get a job done messing about with a dozen different tools just can't happen. There have been many attempts to make an all in one type tool but we have not seen one that's been entirely successful.

The long handled scissor is as close as it's possible to get in terms of an all rounder. There are a lot of good ones available but we wanted to go one step further and make something special. Starting with a very special stainless steel alloy these professional grade shears are designed from the get-go to work all day long for years on end. Stronger and much more substantial than standard tools as soon as you pick these up it's evident they are something special.

The blades are long and powerful to allow cutting larger material than regular scissors. However the tips are fine and slim, perfect for detail pruning of lignified twigs or fresh green growth. The all important pivot is larger than most scissors which means less pressure and less wear. With daily oiling this will last for decades of use. Finger loops are fully closed and generous enough for the largest digits. The finger loops also feature blade stops that just work and prevent damage to cutting edges where blades move too far past each other as can happen with budget priced tools.

We do not offer a black or stainless version of this tool like we do for most. We went for the best modern alloy stainless steel that can maintain an edge easily the equal of any carbon steel tool.

All told this is the best pair of bonsai scissors we have found in 30 years of looking. In fact these are better than tools we have trialled that cost upwards of £300 many of which are so hard they become brittle. We do not offer any superfluous items like vinyl wallets, expensive cardboard or wooden boxes or numbered certificates. All you get is a powerful professional grade tool at a simply incredible price because these come direct from the factory to us and, as every pair has our name on it, you can be guaranteed a great value tool that does exactly what we say it does. No BS just good honest value.

Brushed stainless steel finish*. 

210mm overall length. 55mm blade length. 65mm finger loops.

Cuts aluminium wire up to 3.5mm.

Cuts dry lignified twigs up to 6mm (in the back of the blade).

Cuts green twigs up to 8mm (in the back of the blade).

Supplied in a blister pack.

Keep blades clean  of sap and dirt and apply light oil (3in1 or similar) to the pivot point and between blades before each use.

*Alloy stainless steel is not 100% stainless in the way table cuttlery is, that type of steel would be too soft for use as cutting instruments. Even though this type of steel is called 'stainless steel' it would be better refered to as stain resistant. Care must be taken when storing all bonsai tools that they are dry and ideally given a light spray with WD40 before being put away.

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