Japanese Satsuki Azalea 'Kakuo' Flowering Bonsai Tree

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  • A nice little satsuki bonsai just in from Japan
  • Nice dense branching ready for a little wire
  • Beautiful small pink flowers
  • Planted in plastic bonsai pot

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree
Japanese Satsuki (pronounced sat-ski) azaleas are the ultimate flowering bonsai trees. Every year without fail they put on a spectacular display of colour.
When it comes to cultivating satsuki as bonsai (in the U,K) a few simple rules need to be adhered to. As with all plants the satsuki's needs are basic and simple but unless they are met the tree will suffer. Many people have experienced problems cultivating this species in the U.K...mostly because of bad information they have received. No1 priority for satsuki is humidity. In Japan the summer air is saturated with moisture whereas in the U.K the Summer air is normally very dry.
Keeping the tree in a sheltered spot surrounded by other plants and preferably water (a pond) is really going to help the tree to do well. A major mistake often repeated is to put the tree into a greenhouse in winter, again this is normally a very dry environment. Satsuki are more than capable of dealing with a cold English winter, winter temperatures in Japan are much lower than here. Expect the tree to shed some leaves in winter. Otherwise all is simple...feed well using an organic fertiliser like Green Dream Ericaceous Bonsai Fertiliser. Twice a year water satsuki with sequestered iron, this is available at garden centres. We recommend re-potting at the end of March and not 'after flowering' using a mix of akadama and pine bark. Our experience has proven this plan of action works very well in the U.K. Lastly in order to maintain a satsuki bonsai in good health and to develop the tree well we recommend removing all of the flower buds in February every third year.

Imported over winter 2020. A nice little dwarf leaf Japanese satsuki azalea with tiny leaves and small pink flowers.

Planted in a plastic bonsai pot.

18" high from the top of it's bonsai pot. 15" wide overall.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

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