Japanese Professional Watering Lance - 620mm - 24"

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  • Japanese Professional Watering Lance  - 620mm - 24"
  • *Fits any standard 1/2" diameter garden hose.
  • Beautiful super fine water output.
  • 620mm overall length.
  • Super fine broad spray.
  • Made in Japan (Mizumaki).

Japanese Professional Watering Lance  - 620mm - 24"

Long reach professional lance with large 60mm rose.

Japanese (Mizumaki) professional bonsai watering lance hose atachment. This lance easily attaches to a 1/2" standard water hose*. The on/off tap allows pressure to be adjusted so that the ultra fine rose can deliver it's fine spray without 'jetting' the water, a problem with normal hose fittings.

When watering loose soil the spray from any lance should be angled upwards allowing the water to fall to the soil surface vertically by gravity just like rain.

Easily dismantled for cleaning.

Chrome plated brass and stainless steel construction.

High quality product made in Japan. Approximately 620mm overall lenght. 60mm diameter rose.

Always protect watering equipment from freezing. Always empty water from the attachment when freezing temperatures are likely.

Minor details may change from our photos from time to time but the lance will perform exactly the same.

*Will require a small jubilee clip or similar hose clamp to secure to the end of hose (not supplied).