Corporate Gift Ideas

Imaginative and Unique Gift Ideas to promote your company
Kaizen Bonsai Ltd is the largest Bonsai Mail order specialist supplier within the U.K and has been trading since 1989. We have a reputation for innovation and know only too well how important Corporate Image is in today's business environment. We have been supplying Bonsai as Corporate Gifts for many years to businesses both large and small across Europe.
Whether you are a small start up company or a Blue Chip giant we can help you find a unique and special Gift Solution.

Distinctive Solutions for your company
Here at Kaizen Bonsai Ltd we understand and appreciate the cost of good marketing and presentation. In today's fast moving multi-media interactive all singing all dancing environment it's tough getting noticed. Where do you spend your Corporate Gift budget? What can you give to your special clients, customers and key employees that won't simply be dropped into the trash or consigned to a desk drawer? Let's face it we all have dozens of Pens, Calculators, Note pads, Key rings and Torches. 
Bonsai Trees make Unique and Special gifts, are very easy to keep and maintain for the recipient and present your message in a thoughtful and caring manner. We can supply Bonsai Trees for Indoor or Outdoor environments and will happily advise on suitability. Unique Plants can always be found for that special campaign.

Corporate Gifts tailored to your individual needs
Kaizen Bonsai Ltd can supply Corporate Gifts uniquely tailored to your special requirements. We can add branding in the form of logos and text messages in a variety of ways and create special packaging or individual containers for your order. We can also personalise items by adding the name of the recipient and include other promotional material. 

We do all the work - You get all the credit
From conception to fulfilment we will work hard to make sure your customers are happy. We will supply samples to you for approval, assemble your order and deal with distribution to meet your requirements. All aspects of the assembly of your order are handled in house so we can monitor quality at every step. We have over 25 years experience in the production and assembly of top quality corporate packaging and presentation so you can be assured that your order is going to arrive looking good.
People love to receive Bonsai Gifts. We have never fulfilled a Corporate Gift campaign that wasn't a resounding success.

Easy Payment Options
Once we have established your personal requirements we will quote you an all inclusive price in writing. Payment can be made by Credit card, Cheque, BACS Etc' 30-60 or 90 day payment options can also be accommodated if desired.
Unlike many small 'Bonsai Shops' we will supply a VAT invoice to help you keep the cost of your campaign under control.

Special Gifts
Kaizen Bonsai Ltd regularly deal with special presentation gifts and 'one off' items. Whether you need a special gift for a retirement presentation or achievement award or a centre piece for your new lobby we can help. 

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Our Three Most Popular Indoor Bonsai Species

corporate gift idea Chinese Grey Bark Elm

Chinese Grey Bark Elm
Small leaves and fine twigging. Very hardy and adaptable to a wide range of situations. Requires good natural daylight. The single most popular species for cultivation as indoor bonsai trees.


Tree of a Thousand Stars corporate bonsai

Tree of a Thousand Stars
A very popular small leafed flowering variety. Nice flaking bark. Requires lots of natural daylight and frequent watering. The most popular variety of flowering tree used for indoor bonsai.


Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree
A superb and undemanding tree for indoor bonsai. Tolerates low light and high temperatures all year round. Perfect for the office or home. Water only when a little dry.

bonsai tree stock

Loads of trees always in stock

Over 100 Ficus ready for despatch

Over 100 Ficus ready for despatch

our most popular bonsai trees

This picture shows the relative size of our most popular bonsai trees.

L.R   Small 9" (23cm) size from just £8.95 + VAT*
Medium 11" (28cm) size from just £12.50 + VAT*
Large 14" (35cm) size from just £15.95 + VAT*
Other sizes and species are available to order, please call 0800 4580 672 or email

*Price based upon 100 trees ex works bulk packed in cartons & includes care sheets for each.