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  • Crassula Ovata 'Convoluta' bonsai tree package
  • The tree is planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot
  • 1 x small butterfly pruning scissors
  • copy of our care instructions
Indoor Bonsai Tree Gift Package & Gift Box
Very unusual Indoor Bonsai tree

Crassula Ovata "Convoluta'. Rarely seen as bonsai this dwarf compact variety of the more familiar "Jade tree" is simplicity itself to care for and within a couple of years will develop an impressive shape which can be easily improved with a little pruning and leaf removal as time goes by. Simple to care for Crassula need very little water or fertilizer and thrive in semi shade or full sun. The heat of a conservatory in summer makes for an ideal home to this African native plant. Keep warm in winter and DO NOT over water when dormant. Crassula are very drought tolerant and if you accidentally forget to water for anything up to a couple of weeks they will be fine. Crassula will not withstand frost, we recommend a minimum winter temperature of above 10 degrees Celsius.

These beautiful little plants are mostly multi trunks, in time they grow out and develop brown bark and an excellent tree like structure and appearance. Best repotted in summer when they become pot bound (2-3 years typically). If planted in a large pot and allowed to grow unchecked for a couple of years the trunks swell rapidly and will knit together into one at the base. In the past we have had these as bonsai around 24" tall and they look spectacular with powerful trunks and dark brown flaking bark.

We have a small number of these available and all are very similar in appearance and size. The photo is an example of one plant chosen at random. The trees are planted in glazed ceramic bonsai pots as shown. You do not get the mug, sorry!

The plant measures approximately 4-5" tall and 6" wide excluding the pot.

You will receive...

One crassula bonsai very similar to the image above.
The tree is planted in a glazed stoneware bonsai pot (colour may vary)
Bonsai Focus Fertiliser - Normal price £1.99 - £2.40
1 x small butterfly pruning scissors - Normal price £3.75
We also include a copy of our care instructions to help you care for the plants basic needs.
We will package this into a nice colour printed presentation box if you select the option below.
Please be aware that in extremely cold (sub zero) conditions we may be unable to ship this item.

Our packaging is second to none so you can be sure your little tree will arrive unharmed. We employ full time staff that just pack bonsai trees and they are very good at it!

See what our customers say...
My experience of Kaizen Bonsai? Tree ordered at noon, delivered the following morning at 9 in perfect condition. Excellent products at competitive prices combined with outstanding service to customers.

Congratulations, Graham and Catherine, you are the gold standard among bonsai traders. So, I'll be back.
Well done! J.H - U.K

Thanks to the staff at Kaizan order received to the high packaging standard that has become the hallmark of this company. F.K - U.K

I just wanted to say how happy I am with my Bonsai Tree, I was a little worried about purchasing on line as I wouldn't get to see the tree... But my fears were miss placed. My tree has a lovely shape to it and is flourishing! P.W - U.K