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Heavy Duty Bonsai Root Shears


Quick Overview

  • Black carbon steel Bonsai root shears

  • Suitable for cutting lignified twigs and roots up to 10mm diameter

  • Powerful shears with a full hand grip

  • 170mm Overall length.

Heavy Duty Bonsai Root Shears

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  • Heavy Duty Bonsai Root Shears
  • Heavy Duty Bonsai Root Shears


We have been using these heavy pruning shears on our nursery for decades now and it never occurred to us to offer them to our customers. Standard root shears are perfectly good but these are just better, stronger and last a great deal longer. Heavy duty Bonsai Shears are for cutting larger growth and roots. Large finger guards allow a full hand grip for the exertion of powerful force when cutting larger material, twigs and roots. Powerful thick blades prevent flexing under load. Razor sharp and with a needle point these shears will make very clean accurate cuts. Designed for professional use these beautiful tools will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. 

170mm overall length.

Additional Information

SKU HT1172