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Hawthorn Yamadori Bonsai Material Native Bonsai Tree - RM2727

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  • A superb yamadori hawthorn collected from the wild
  • All the basics are here the tree just needs some time to develop
  • Good trunk proportions and lots of carving to do
  • Planted in a plastic nursery pot

Hawthorn Bonsai Material Native Bonsai
Crategus monogyna.
With small leaves, craggy bark, fine twigging, flowers, fruit and the possibility of some autumn colour, in warm years, English hawthorn is a spectacular species for bonsai and one of the finest deciduous trees for Bonsai cultivation in the world. Hawthorn is fully frost hardy and extremely tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Prefers to be kept well watered and in full sun in summer and cold and exposed in winter. Feed very well in the growing season and prune new shoots before they begin to harden off. Do not re-pot hawthorn very often, we recommend every 3-6 years depending upon the size of pot and rate of growth.

A big wild collected hawthorn with a powerful trunk. Early days but well worth the time to develop into bonsai. Collected 4 years and bare rooted spring 2020. Now growing strongly. Stunning live veins, bark and lots of petential deadwood to create with carving. An impressive bonsai tree in the making.

25" high overall. 29" wide. 6" across the base.

Planted in a plastic nursery pot.

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