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Hamelia patens - Firebush - Flowering Bonsai Tree

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  • A stunning super rare and beautiful Hamelia
  • Beautiful trunk and fine branching
  • Extremely rare variety in European bonsai
  • 26" tall above it's bonsai pot. 24" wide overall. 9" diameter nebari
  • Planted in a glazed bonsai pot

Hamelia patens - Firebush - Hummingbird bush

A native of Mexico and south America and related to the coffee family (Rubieacea). Hamelia patens is extremely rare in European bonsai, in 30 years this is only the second one we have had. Winter protection from frost is important, hamelia will only overwinter down to about 10 degrees above freezing and be perfectly happy. Unless the conditions are warm the tree may loose it's leaves in winter but kept warm and bright it is evergreen. Hamelia is extremely drought tolerant and care should be taken to not allow the soil to remain wet for long periods. The tree will grow in just about any well draining soil and LOVES HOT conditions like an unshaded greenhouse, conservatory or south facing corner outside in summer. The hotter and brighter the conditions the more the tree will flower and the tighter it's growth will be. Flowers occur throughout the growing season on current seasons growth. If the tree is allowed to grow out (as in our pictures) flowering will be profuse. Once flowers begin to fade prune back hard. Bonsai shaping can be easily achieved by pruning, wire is not really needed on such a fast growing variety. A superb and unusual variety that is surprisingly easy to cultivate in the UK.

Imported from Indonesia a few years ago this beautiful tree has been thrilling our visitors with it's flowers all summer. The branch structure of the tree was horrible so Graham has started again from scratch. Your chance to own something truly unique. If you have no experience keeping bonsai we do not recommend buying this tree as a degree of horticultural skill is required to maintain such a beautiful bonsai.

26" tall above it's bonsai pot. 24" wide overall. 9" diameter nebari. 

Planted in a glazed bonsai pot.

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