Half Round Bonsai Tool Sharpening Stones Set

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  • Half Round Bonsai Tool Sharpening Stones Set
  • Includes 1 each coarse and fine stone
  • Perfect for sharpening all bonsai tools
  • P600 & P180 grits

Half Round Bonsai Tool Sharpening Stones Set

Creating bonsai trees is largely about pruning. To that end we have a wide range of bonsai tools involved. As with all cutting tools they are only as effective as their cutting edges. These dull over time and so need to be dressed occasionally.

Bonsai tools are high precision instruments. Just hacking away at the edge with a file or other innapropriate sharpened will completely wreck expensive tools.

Whilst it's okay to remove damage and reprofile an edge with something like a Diamond File these will not produce a suitably fine honed edge to allow truly clean cuts.

Generations of edged tool makers will concur the only item with which to hone a final cutting edge is a traditional sharpening stone. Today we use manufactured ceramic stones that have incredible cutting abilities and are much harder that many traditional types.

Here we have a pair of ceramic aluminium oxide half round stones. These are the best option for final finishing of cruved blades as found in bonsai knob cutters. Also perfect for all types of branch cutter, scissors, knives, wood carving gouges and just about any small sharp hand tool you are likely to use in bonsai tree work.

Lubricate with water, light oil or WD40. Only apply light pressure.

Two stones supplied.

Each is 100mm x 13mm (4" x 1/2")

Fine is P600 grit.

Coarse is P180 grit.