Green Dream Liquid Natural Bonsai Fertilizer

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  • Green Dream organic liquid natural Bonsai Fertilizer
  • Green Dream Liquiform is Amino Active™
  • A natural organic suspension of plant nutrients
  • Fully balanced, contains all the nutrients plants require
  • Natural, gentle and safe for all plant species
  • 1L and 2.5L pack options

Green Dream Liquid Natural Bonsai Fertilizer

Green Dream Liquiform Amino Active™ is quite a mouthful but what it means is excellent health and vitality for your bonsai and potted plants. A ground breaking new liquid product. Ensures your plants remain in peak condition year round. Combines a very special liquid fertilizer with amino acids (the building blocks of protein), proteins and growth stimulants.

Liquiform Amino Active is an entirely organic product that can be used as a mainstay fertilizer for all potted plants. One bottle contains everything your plants need to remain healthy. It's slow release formula means that you are applying less and less often than other liquids, making life easy but at the same time ensuring your plants get what they need.

Very economical 10ml per litre dilution rate for soil or foliar application. Best of all, for an organic fertilizer, it has a very pleasant smell somewhere between chocolate and treacle!

  • Quickly assimilated into your plant, gets to work within hours.
  • Encourages the formation of fine feeder roots for improved vigor.
  • Improves foliage and flower colour and performance.
  • Includes trace elements for good plant health.
  • Slow release, one application lasts several weeks.
  • For root and foliar application.
  • No risk of fertilizer burn even when used at re-potting time.
  • Supplies all your plants needs in one bottle.
  • NPK 3.3.6 with 7.7% free amino acids.
  • Contains macro and micro elements for complete plant nutrition.

Using Green Dream Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer
Green Dream Liquid is unlike any other liquid fertilizer and the application method is unique.
Fertilizers need to be applied once spring growth begins and carries on until growth ceases in autumn.
Never fertilize plants that are not healthy or growing well, doing so will cause your plants to suffer.

Before using Green Dream thoroughly water your trees in the normal way making sure the rootball is completely soaked. Prepare Green Dream solution as per the instructions on the label and mix well. Finally water sparingly onto soil surface. As a rough guide a small cup full of solution to an 18" size pot spread evenly will be sufficient. For small trees (shohin) an egg cup full will be ideal. It is not possible to overfeed with Green Dream Liquid, however excess usage is of no benefit to your plants and so will be wasted.

For all potted plants it is recommended to use Green Dream Liquid every 1-2 weeks in warm weather and 2-4 weeks if the temperature is cooler.
Green Dream Liquid can be used alongside our other Green Dream dry crumb products if desired.