Green Dream Ex-Fish Natural Bonsai Fertilizer

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  • Green Dream Ex-Fish Natural Bonsai Fertilizer
  • Exclusive to Kaizen Bonsai
  • Unique high quality organic fish based fertilizer
  • Enhanced with nutrients from seaweed
  • Primary fertilizer for mature bonsai trees
  • 500ml and 1L options

Green Dream Ex-Fish Natural Bonsai Fertilizer

Exclusive to Kaizen Bonsai. Green Dream Ex Fish™ is a unique high quality organic fish emulsion based fertilizer. A very complex array of natural nutrients, enzymes and minerals guaranteed to keep your bonsai look in peak condition.

Suitable as a primary fertiliser for mature bonsai trees. For less mature examples or raw material use alongside a stronger fertiliser like Green Dream Original.

The advantage of fish based fertilizers have been known for thousands of years. Fish was a large source of plant nutrient used in ancient China. Today we know a whole lot more about plant nutrition and how to get the best from the raw materials used for fertilizer production. Green Dream Ex Fish is a totally unique product that is processed in a very special way to ensure all the magic of it's very special blend of ingredients are retained. Includes organic growth enhancing compounds from seaweed and other secret natural sources.

The advantage of this fertilizer is the way in which it releases it's nutrients slowly, preventing any chance of burning delicate roots. Ex-Fish not only nourishes the plant but also the soil which is so important with modern inorganic sterile soil ingredients used in bonsai. By enriching the soil mix Ex-Fish creates a natural healthy environment for young roots to flourish. Good roots equal good bonsai!

100% organic Ex-Fish is a dark thick liquid that dissolves instantly in water. Ex-Fish has surprisingly little odour compared to other fish based products and does not create any lingering smell once applied. Normally within 24 hours no hint of odour will be detected.

Being highly concentrated Ex-Fish is very economical in use with an application rate of just 5ml per litre for soil application or 2m per litre for foliar application. To read more about foliar feeding click here