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Fresh Sphagnum (Lanky) Moss - Feather Moss

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  • Fresh Sphagnum (Lanky) Moss
  • Harvested from renewable sources
  • Fresh green new stock
  • Ideal for air layering. Perfect for cuttings
  • Chop fine and mix with soil for added moisture retention
  • Top dress newly potted trees to retain moisture in the soil surface.

Fresh Sphagnum (Lanky) Moss (Rhytidiadelphus loreus)

Often known as feather moss or Lanky moss. This moss is the best type of sphagnum we have found for air layers, it's open structure prevents waterlogging and increases air circulation that encourages root formation.

Sphagnum moss seems to have many mythical and healing properties as far as plants are concerned. Horticulturalists and bonsai enthusiasts alike swear by it's powers in helping plants to survive the ordeals we impose upon them. Harvested from a renewable British source this fresh moss may have a few leaves, small twigs or grass blades mixed in. Use straight from the bag for air layers, mixing with compost (chopped), covering the soil surface of recently re-potted trees to conserve moisture, striking cuttings or lining hanging baskets etc'. Holds about 18 times it's own weight of water.

Can be used as a propagating medium for cutting or seeds. Simply pack moss into a plug tray and insert cuttings. For seeds, make a small hole, insert your seed and press to cover.

For air layers we recommend soaking in a ROOT SAFE solution before use.

Use for air layering, see our Air Layering Bonsai Movie here

Bag size approximately 11" x 8" x 3" and weighs 500g.

May compact in transit, simply shake out on arrival and spray with water. Moss will keep indefiantely if you keep it in a plastic basket or tray in a cool damp place with some dappled sunlight, just keep moist.