Foredom Hand Piece - H.44T

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  • Foredom's most versatile hand piece
  • Quick release, simply pulls off the flex shaft
  • Kit includes three collets, chuck wrench and pin
  • Foredom part No H.44T

Foredom Hand-piece - General use

The H.44T is Foredom's most popular 'go to' handpiece as supplied with the K.5240 wood carving kit. 

Quick release, simply pulls off the flex shaft. If you have to work with multiple bits having a couple of different handpieces allows super fast changes without tools.

Included with this item are collets 3/32" 2.35mm - 1/8" 3.2mm - 1/4" 6.35mm - chick wrench and pin.

We have a 6mm collet that will also fit this unit

Foredom Part number H.44T