Folding Diamond Sharpener Fine Grit Hone

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FDS - Fine Grit
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  • Folding Diamond Sharpener Fine Grit
  • A nice neat little tool for honing cutting tool edges
  • This fine grade tool is for edge finishing
  • Capable of hining a razor edge.
  • Double sided 600/1200 grit

Folding Diamond Sharpener Fine Grit

Diamond files can be used either dry or lubricated with a little water or light oil like WD40. Initially the cut is a little  aggressive but once the blade has been used a few times the cutting action settles in to a very fine and efficient cutting action.

Folds away neatly for storage in your tool roll or tool box.

This is a super fine abrasive grade for use in finishing an edge. Any bevel angle corrections or gringing of damaged areas should be done with a coarser grade tool before the final burr removal and edge polish is applied with this fine hone.

Very good value sharpener that are ideal for sharpening straight bladed tools, knives etc'.

Double sided 600/1200 grit.