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Japanese Pull Saw - Ultra Fine High Quality Detail Saw

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  • Japanese Pull Saw - Ultra Fine Detail Saw
  • Back in stock after a long abscence
  • A Japanese masterpiece. No saw we have ever seen comes close to this one
  • As sharp as a straight razor, cuts like a hot knife through butter
  • Riveted hardwood handle
  • Every tooth is micro polished and is as sharp as a new pin
  • 230mm overall length.

Japanese Pull Saw - Ultra Fine High Quality Detail Saw

Supremely accurate, fine cutting and razor sharp. Tri cut blade. Ideal for the Bonsai workshop.

You won't believe how good this little saw is until you use one. In a word... AMAZING!

After you have owned one of these all other saws will be rubbish by comparison. Remember it is a 'pull to cut' saw, don't push it.

Reaches places other saws just won't go!

Our best selling bonsai workshop saw for 10 years now!

Waxed hardwood handle.

Blade retained by TWO brass rivets.

110mm blade length. 230mm overall length.