Field Elm Yamadori Bonsai Material

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  • A nice gnarly field elm at a bargain price
  • Excellent craggy bark & trunk proportions
  • Planted in a plastic bonsai pot
  • 23" tall above it's bonsai pot. 25" wide overall. 9" diameter nebari

Field Elm Yamadori Bonsai Material
Ulmus minor. Sometimes called ulmus campestris (latin meaning flat/level ground or plains ie: field). This polymorphic elm is a widespread European variety from which English elm (ulmus procera) was derived. To the untrained eye these are pretty much the same and in a bonsai context can be treated in exactly the same way as procera.

Field elm is fully hardy in all parts of the U.K and grows vigorously thus allowing fast development. For young trees in the early stages of development it is best to re-pot every year. This will keep the trees vigour high. Mature trees can be left two or three years between re-potting. Autumn will see the tree put on a splendid display of yellow colour before leaf drop.

A nice gnarly field elm that's ready to work for the first time this winter. A rewarding project that will develop fast. 

23" tall above it's bonsai pot. 25" wide overall. 9" diameter nebari. 

Planted in a plastic nursery pot.

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