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Ficus Carica Bonsai Material


Quick Overview

  • Hardy deciduous ficus

  • Super fast growing tree with small leaves (for a fig)

  • Will bear edible figs in ideal conditions

  • Easily trained using a combination of wire and pruning

  • Collected in Spain

  • 21" tall above it's pot. 20" wide overall. 5" diameter nebari

  • Planted in a plastic bonsai pot

Ficus Carica Bonsai Material

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  • Ficus Carica Bonsai Material
  • Ficus Carica Bonsai Material
  • Ficus Carica Bonsai Material
  • Ficus Carica Bonsai Material
  • Ficus Carica Bonsai Material


Probably the first time you will have seen this species and to the best of our knowledge the first time it has been offered for bonsai in the U.K. Most people are familiar with the 'Brown Turkey' fig, often seen in gardens here. This is however a dwarf form of that plant with nice small compact leaves ultimately less than 25mm across. The tree
is hardy in milder areas but will benefit from the winter protection of a cold greenhouse or overhead shelter. Otherwise the tree is very simple to grow and train. Keep in full sun, water and feed well in the growing season. To read more about figs follow this link

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