English Yew Yamadori Bonsai Tree

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  • An  incredible old English yew from a private collection
  • Collected over 25 years ago
  • Regular pinching of new growth will improve density dramatically.
  • 17" tall above it's pot. 20" wide overall. 5" diameter nebari

English Yew Bonsai Material
Taxus baccatta - English yew Bonsai - Yamadori Bonsai.

Taxus baccatta is probably Britain's finest evergreen species used for bonsai cultivation. Very tough, cold hardy and drought tolerant.
Taxus appreciates well drained soil and copious watering in summer along with regular fertilizing. When dormant taxus should be kept dry.
Only re-pot when absolutely necessary and never until the buds begin to unfurl in spring. Pinching spring growth quickly encourages dense foliage and fine twigging to form.

A stunning old yew from a private collection. Originally collected from Suffolk woodland over 25 years ago. The tree has spent several years in deep shade. Foliage will grow much tighter if kept in a bright spot.

17" tall above it's pot. 20" wide overall. 5" diameter nebari.

Planted in a mica bonsai pot.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.