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Dwarf Mugo Pine (Mops) Bonsai Starter Tree


Quick Overview

  • Extremely popular pine cultivar with beautiful compact foliage

  • Very limited supply available

  • Stocky plants with good single stem trunks currently available

  • The picture shows one of our stock randomly selected and clipped out to show the trunk

  • These will go quickly so grab one while you can!

Bonsai Starter Tree

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  • Dwarf Mugo Pine (Mops) Bonsai Starter Tree
  • Bonsai Starter Tree
  • Bonsai Starter Tree
  • Bonsai Starter Tree


Dwarf Mugo Pine (Mops) Bonsai Starter Tree
This dwarf mountain pine cultivar is a perennial favourite in bonsai circles and it's easy to see why. It's deep green compact and super dense folaige makes for a nice mature bonsai image in double quick time, coupled with the ease of cultivation and the plants tolerance of a wide range of conditions. Evergreen bonsai does not come much easier that this. These trees have chunky single trunks and can either be pruned and wired for shape now or allowed to grow on in open ground or larger pots as you see fit. The plants we have are exceptionally strong and will develop very quickly given the correct care.

The picture shows an example randomly selected from our stock that has been cleaned out to reveal the trunk. All of our current stock features a good single trunk similar to our picture and super dense foliage. Every plant varies to some degree but at this low price we cannot show individual pictures, sorry. The plant we send you will be very similar to that pictured. Completely hardy in the severest European climates, fertilize and water well and keep in full sun. Protect from excess winter wet if potted. Only re-pot (in spring) infrequently when annual growth slows down as the soil compacts. We would suggest that in general mugo pines only re-pot every 5-10 years depending upon pot size. Use our No3 Bonsai Soil Mix and only repot once active growth starts. Cut back new growth hard in Late July, this will encourage vigour in the tree as well as producing copious back budding. Feed very well from July onwards until late autumn. We highly recommend our Ex-Fish bonsai fertilizer for feeding all pine species.

Latin name: Pinus mugo 'Mops'

Frost hardy: Yes

Position: Best in full sun
Watering: Water well in summer
Fertilizer: Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser 3 or 4 times yearly or Ex-Fish
Re-potting: Infrequently repot 5-10 years once buds begin to open
Winter protection in U.K: None required
Wiring: In summer after new growth has hardened
Soil type: Kaizen Bonsai No2 or 3
Approximate height above the pot: 11-13" - 11-12" wide overall

Example photo. The plant you receive may vary to some degree from the one pictured. These trees are very dense foliage and super compact.

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