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Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Tree

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  • Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Tree
  • A big hinoki ready for styling
  • From a private collection
  • Hinoki do very well living in bonsai pots
  • 17" tall above it's pot. 32" wide overall.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Bonsai Tree

From a private collection going back over 40 years. Repotted last spring and growing strongly.

A little careful wiring could really help define the appearance of this beautiful old tree.

17" tall above it's pot. 32" wide overall.

Planted in a Japanese unglazed stoneware bonsai pot.

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Latin name: Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis'
Frost hardy: Yes at least -15C
Position: Partial shade out of drying summer winds
Watering: Keep evenly moist
Fertilizer: Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser 2 or 3 times yearly
Re-potting: Infrequent, mature trees repot 3-5 years as buds swell in late spring
Winter protection in U.K: None required
Wiring: Possible with care
Soil type: Kaizen Bonsai No2