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Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Chuhin Bonsai Tree

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  • Fantastic little hinoki with a good trunk
  • Nice mature branch structure
  • Some jinning work to do
  • Hinoki do very well living in bonsai pots
  • A nice compact tree with good prospects as bonsai

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Chuhin Bonsai Tree

Cultivating hinoki is very simple, frost hardy across the U.K but will appreciate protection from freezing winds and excessive wet in winter. Giving a little overhead protection will ensure your tree gets away quickly in spring and produces it's best in summer. Throughout the growing season position in full sun in an open spot. Hinoki foliage is thick and heavy and will drink a lot of water if exposed to long uninterrupted periods of hot sun so be sure it does not dry out. Repotting should be infrequent see our Bonsai Repotting Guide. Use our No2 Bonsai Soil for smaller trees. Pruning Juniper foliage is best done in late summer. Fertilizing is also very easy, use our Green Dream Bonsai Fertilizer or Ex-Fish Bonsai Fertilizer throughout the growing season.

Latin name: Chamaecyparis obtusa
Frost hardy: Yes
Position: Best in full sun
Watering: Water well in summer 
Fertilizer: Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser 3 or 4 times yearly
Re-potting: Infrequently repot 3-4 years in May
Winter protection in U.K: None required
Wiring: Best over winter when required

12" tall above it's pot. 13" wide overall.

Planted in a Japanese made bonsai pot.

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