Cork Bark Elm Bonsai Tree

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  • Cork Bark Elm Bonsai Tree 
  • Stunning old bonsai from a private collection
  • Beautiful ramification and branch structure
  • Planted in a mica bonsai pot.

Cork Bark Elm Bonsai Tree 

To give it it's full name - Ulmus parvifolia Jacq. corticosa - The Cork bark Chinese elm is a cultivar of the familiar Chinese elm but with one very important difference...the amazing bark. Fully hardy and frost tolerant to about minus 5 Celsius, this elm is simplicity to keep and train as bonsai. Feed well, prune regularly and re-pot into our No1 Bonsai Soil Mix every one or two years, keep well watered in summer and that's about it. Very attractive autumn colour that can include yellow, brown, green and red at once.

From a private collection, the previous owner has cared for this delightful elm for well over 20 years. A beautiful mature bonsai with a lot of character and refinement. It's spent the last few years standing in a very exposed position in full sun which explains the pale colour, it' been growing well since arriving here. We would recommend a re-pot next spring. A beautiful mature bonsai and not a variety we see very often.

23" tall above it's pot. 26" wide overall. 5" diameter nebari.

Planted in a mica (heavy plastic) bonsai pot.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.