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Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree

Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree

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  • Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree
  • Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree
  • Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree
  • Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree
Common Pear Bonsai Starter Tree

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  • A very rare species in bonsai but a very beautiful one

  • Very well established starter tree pear

  • 22" tall above it's pot. 16" wide overall.



Common Pear Bonsai Material

As rare as hens teeth. Experts disagree wether this tree is a UK native however it has certainly been here for thousands of years but has now almost disappeared from the wild in a great deal of the country. Pyrus communis is a wild form of the cultivated pear trees common in gardens and nurseries everywhere. This type of pear has very small glossy leaves and white flowers appear on previous years wood. Wild pear is exceptionally frost hardy and can stand temperatures down to below 20 Celsius. A very simple tree to cultivate as bonsai, pear appreciates full sun and plenty of water in summer. Do not re-pot too often if you hope to see flowers. Most years the tree will give you a spectacular display of colour before dropping it's leaves showing green, red, yellow and brown all at once it looks simply stunning.

A rare and interesting variety with a superb small leaf and autumn colour. This tree can be developed as bonsai in it's pot or planted in the ground for a few years to bulk up.

22" tall above it's pot. 16" wide overall.

Planted in a plastic nursery pot.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

In stock and available for delivery within two or three working days.


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