Extra Coarse Chipped Bark - Bonsai Tree / Cactus / Orchid

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Extra Coarse Chipped Bark - Bonsai Tree / Cactus / Orchid 

Absolutely the best quality bark available. This bark originates from British scots pine. Hand graded, it is the cleanest, lightest, warmest and most long lived growing medium ingredient I have ever encountered. Can be re-used several times. In trials over the last four years absolutely everything planted in this bark has responded positively to its presence. Virtually no wood. Has practically no inherent nutriment and is very dry so unlike most bark if you don't use it all it will keep until next year. 

This extra coarse bark is useful for bulking out soil mixes in large bonsai pots and nursery pots. Not suitable for shallow bonsai pots under 15" as it is too coarse. Great for use with our Ercole air pots. Saves weight and stretches valuable bonsai soils in extra large containers.

Approximately 12-35mm particle size.

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Available in 14L packs only.