Chinese Juniper Evergreen Bonsai Tree

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  • A nice little Japanese juniper with an interesting trunk
  • Beautiful handmade pot
  • 11" tall overall. 12" wide overall

Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree
Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis) seems to have a million different cultivars. Identifying exactly which is which is all but impossible. Our advice is to look at the foliage form carefully, if you like it buy it.

Fortunately cultivating Chinese junipers is much easier than identifying them. Chinese juniper is frost hardy across the U.K but will appreciate protection from freezing winds and excessive wet in winter. Giving a little overhead protection will ensure your juniper gets away quickly in spring and produces it's best in summer. Throughout the growing season position in a sheltered but bright spot out of mid-day sun. Juniper foliage is thick and heavy and will drink a lot of water if exposed to long uninterrupted periods of hot sun. This can result in a very dry pot when you get home! In worst cases the tips of the new growth can be lost. So a little dappled shade and protection from high winds will ensure the plant always grows well and looks it's best.

Repotting should be infrequent see our Bonsai Repotting Guide

Pruning Juniper foliage is best done in late summer see our Bonsai Movies page. Several of the juniper videos cover this subject.

Fertilising Chinese juniper is also very easy, use our Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser or Ex-Fish Bonsai Fertilizer throughout the growing season.

A nice little juniper with an interesting curved trunk and good branch structure. Just needs a little time for the foliage to fill out.

Planted in a handmade bonsai pot by Bryan Albright.

The subject pictured is the EXACT plant we will send you. Appearance may vary depending upon the season.

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We do not provide cultural information for this tree other than the above (relevant to the UK climate only). Please ensure you have the skills and facilities to care for this plant in your location before you decide to purchase.