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Calcified Seaweed Soil Improver

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  • Calcified Seaweed soil improver
  • Remains active within your soil mix for up to three years
  • 500g pack

Calcified Seaweed is an important soil improver: Calcium (CaO) helps to 'sweeten' the soil, while the minerals and trace elements stimulate the activity of the soil life. This results in:
Increased soil fertility
Stronger root growth
Improved soil structure

Calcified Seaweed is an essential soil conditioning fertiliser which is used not only to balance the pH and to 'feed' the soil microbes but at the same time to increase the levels of Phosphorus and/or Potash. Constant use of organic fertilisers will result in an acid build up which Calcified seaweed will correct. Mix with growing media at 30-60g per 10L or surface dress as required. Remains active within your soil mix for up to three years.

500g pack.

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