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Buddha's Belly Bamboo Bonsai Forest Planting


Quick Overview

  • Just about the only bamboo suitable for cultivation as bonsai

  • Thick short swollen canes are produced

  • With regular pinching and pruning a dense 'forest' is developed easily

  • Needs full sun and correct watering in order to produce the best canes.

  • Multi-stemmed bamboo planted in a plastic bonsai pot.

Buddha's Belly Bamboo Bonsai Forest Planting

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  • Buddha's Belly Bamboo Bonsai Forest Planting
  • Buddha's Belly Bamboo Bonsai Forest Planting
  • Buddha's Belly Bamboo Bonsai Forest Planting



The buddha's belly bamboo (Bambusa ventricosa) naturally produces big culms. With little effort and patience, you can produce a dwarf clump which is ideal as a bamboo bonsai landscape.

Under harsh conditions, this bamboo develops short swollen internodes - hence its name 'Buddha's Belly' though this does very much depend on conditions. Ventricosa is very fast growing with a vigorous growth habit.  Due to the nature of the 'bellying', this bamboo is one of the best bamboos for bonsai. By pruning the tops of the culms and restricting its growth, the swollen internodes become more predominant. Just enough water to keep it alive will cause the canes to swell. This bamboo has been known to flower sporadicly, which can cause the plant to become quite stressed and may shed some leaves. If this happens, fertilise with nitrogen rich fertiliser and keep the bamboo well watered.

To control growth just remove the spearleaf from the shoot once it reaches a height to your liking. Do this regularly. The spear leaf is the tipmost, unopened leaf of the plant. Tighten your fingers on the spearleaf, then pull upward.  it will promote the growth of branches.

Multi stemmed well established plants ideal for further development and refinement. It's been over 10 years since we last saw this variety and we have limited numbers available.

Planted in plastic bonsai pots as pictured.

Latin name: Bambusa ventricosa bush.

Frost hardy: Yes -9 Celcius

Position: Best in full sun

Watering: Water sparingly

Fertilizer: Green Dream Bonsai Fertiliser 1 or 2 times yearly or Ex-Fish

Re-potting: Infrequently keep pot bound

Winter protection in U.K: protect from excess wet and temperatures below -9 Celcius

Wiring: N0t required

Soil type: Kaizen Bonsai No2 

Approximate height above the pot: 18-19" - 20-12" wide overall

Example photos. The plant you receive may vary to some degree from the one pictured.

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