Bonsai & Wood Carving Tools Hardened Steel Rotary Brushes

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  • Bonsai & Wood Carving Tools Hardened Steel Brushes
  • 3.2mm (1/8") shafts
  • Superior quality hardened steel brushes
  • Available in 2 styles, cup brush or flat wheel
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Bonsai & Wood Carving Tools Hardened Steel Rotary Brushes

These tough little critters are fantastic for cleaning down newly carved wood and removing 'fluff' and old dry bark. Also great for removing green algae from mature deadwood areas on your bonsai.

These brushes have stiff hardened wire bristles which are thicker and much longer lasting than similar looking low price items.

Always us rotary wire brushes at minimum machine speed in order to extend their life and do not apply excessive pressure.

Add a couple of tiny drips of our Super Glue around the base of the bristles to significantly extend the brushes life. Don't overdo this or your brush will become a hard disk.

3.2mm (1/8") shafts.

Available in 2 styles:
Cup Brush approximately 15mm Head Diameter
Flat Wheel approximately 19mm Head Diameter

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