Clonex® Mist Natural Root Stimulator

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  • Clonex® Mist Natural Root Stimulator
  • Spray foliage of recently re-potted trees
  • For pre-treating mother plants prior to cutting
  • Foliar treatment additive for propagating
  • 300ml Trigger spray bottle

Clonex® Mist Natural Root Stimulator

Clonex Mist - Get strong roots fast. All you need is Clonex Rooting Mist. It’s a non-toxic blend of minerals, amino acids and natural additives. Results are jaw-dropping. An independent trial found you’ll get up to 156% more roots, up to 30% longer roots, up to 10 days sooner.

Use Clonex Mist to pre-treat mother plants and as a foliar spray for propagating plants prior to cutting. It’s simple to use – you don’t have to dilute, just spray. It’s as easy as that. Foliar additive for propagating plants (before & after propagation) For pre-treating mother plants. Shorter rooting times. Denser root mass (up to 156% more roots!).

Significantly increases cutting success rates. Safe & non-toxic Easy to use - just spray!

In bonsai tree cultivation spray foliage of recently re-potted trees to encourage fast recovery. Regularly mist cuttings, seedlings or air layers (before and after seperation). Help develop roots fast assuming a suitable rooting environment is provided in an appropriate season with appropriate light and temperature.

300ml Trigger spray bottle containing ready to use product.