Bonsai Pruning Scissors - Vine Scissors - Spring Loaded Bonsai Shears

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  • Sprung loaded stainless steel detail pruning shears
  • 210mm overall length, 60mm blade length
  • Perfect weight spring makes extended use very easy
  • Perfect for a whole host of pruning jobs and craft work
  • The ideal all round bonsai pruning shears.

Bonsai Pruning Scissors - Vine Scissors - Spring Loaded Bonsai Shears

Now here's a revelation. Over the last thirty years, we have seen and used just about every pruning tool made. Generally speaking, the more you pay the better they get. This tool bucks that trend. Graham has road-tested these during summer pruning and general nursery work for a whole month and assures us they are brilliant and about the best value for money pruner he has seen.

Sprung loaded bonsai pruning shears for cutting growth up to 3mm. Lightly serrated stainless steel blades mounted in tough textured plastic handles. The long thin blades of these superb shears are very strong and allow easy quick cutting of both soft green growth and twigs. Perfect for rough or detail work on bonsai trees, raw material, garden plants, vine thinning, flower arranging and craft work. A great tool for garden pruning where the bulky blades of conventional secateurs are too clumsy.

For general bonsai maintenance pruning these really are all you will need.

205mm overall length.
60mm blade length.
Stainless steel blades.
Locking mechanism.

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