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Bonsai Power Carving Tools Starter Pack 25 Piece Starter Kit

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£41.00 £34.17
  • Bonsai power carving tools kit
  • Graham put this kit together for those new to power carving
  • Lots of our great and popular tools at a discount price
  • Fits Dremel, Silverline, Draper, GMC and pretty much every brand of small power tool
  • Nice presentation / storage box
  • SAVE £5.45 over individual tool cost and the box is free.

Starting carving work with bonsai can be confusing with so many tool options available. Graham has put together this little package to help get you started. There is nothing here you will not use. Most of the accessories supplied with hobby type power tools are pretty useless when it comes to bonsai carving work. These tools are suitable for use with most small power tools like Dremel, GMC, Silverline and their associated flexible shafts if used.

Contained within the nice presentation box is a selection of our professional quality carving tools. This kit gives you a chance to use some of our amazing tools and see what each is capable of. You can get a feel for the different characters of each tool without investing a fortune. These tools will allow you to do smaller detail carving jobs from dressing larger cuts to cleaning, detailing and texturing existing deadwood, cleaning away old dead bark and basic shaping and hollowing work. For larger projects requiring removal of volumes of wood you will also need our Little Terrier DH.


Contained within the nice presentation/storage box are: (Tool patterns may vary slightly from picture.)

1 x Saburrtooth burr

3 x Coarse cut carbide burrs

1 x T-Kerf 12mm carbide cutter

1 x 5 piece thin disk grooving kit

1 x Steel end brush

1 x Steel flat brush

1 x Steel cup brush

1 x 12 piece sanding kit

Contents may vary slightly from the picture but will be as above. Tools all have 1/8" 3.2mm shaft sizes suitable for small power tools.

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