Bonsai Nipper - Twig, Bud and Wire Cutter

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  • Bonsai Nipper - Twig, Bud and Wire Cutter
  • Innovative Japanese made bonsai tool
  • Cuts green growth, twigs and even aluminium wire
  • Ultra high quality heat treated annealed carbon steel
  • 160mm Overall length

Bonsai Nipper - Twig, Bud and Wire Cutter

An absolutely superb tool for bonsai creation that should be in the hand of every serious bonsai artist and hobbyist alike.

Designed to cut everything from a leaf petiole to hard dry twiggs and even aluminium wire up to 3mm diameter. An utterly brilliant tool for working within the ramification of old deciduous trees and evergreens too. The access this tool gives is second to none. Incredibly this too can cut a soft green leaf in half cleanly and also chop through wire like it's not there.

Made by Keiba Tool - Sanjo Japan.

160mm overall length.

Soft leather protective pouch for storage.

"Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, has been one of Japan's leading producers of metal products since the Edo period. In particular, cutlery is known for its high quality, and is now recognized overseas under the "Sanjo Japan brand". This tradition of making cutlery has been passed down to the Maruto Hasegawa.

In 1924, the founder Tosaburo Hasegawa started his business at the age of 24. Radio broadcasting finally started in Japan, and a few years later, the world was in the midst of the depression. At the beginning, I was mainly producing the carpenter's tool "Tsukuhata".

Fascinated by more modern work tools such as pliers, Tozaburo introduced the "Spring Hammer" in 1932 for the first time in Niigata Prefecture to start in-house production. Until then, the work of hand forging metal was mechanized, and productivity was greatly improved.

Eventually, as the KEIBA brand of the horse mark, we will continue to play an active role as a pioneer in Sanjo City, which will later become a cluster of work tool manufacturers.

Many KEIBA products use a special steel material, "Maltroy (CR-V70C chrome vanadium steel, or SK7MF2 high carbon tool steel)".

Maltoloy is a high-grade material custom-made by our company to Kobe Steel, Ltd., a major steel manufacturer. The carbon content is higher than that of general tool steel, which provides high hardness and produces outstanding sharpness when completed.

However, metal becomes brittle as hardness increases. Technology and equipment are required to provide hardness and "tenacity" at the same time.

First, after forging the maltroy using a large air stamp hammer, we perform a heat treatment called "annealing" to stabilize the steel structure. ”Is adopted and it goes slowly over 14 hours. This gives high hardness materials such as Maltroy enough tenacity.
Note that this annealing process requires large-scale equipment and costs, so some manufacturers do not implement it. In addition, even manufacturers that carry out this work generally place importance on efficiency and can heat it for about 4 to 5 hours using a "conveyor system".

In addition, we have our own heat treatment equipment, and perform careful quenching and tempering (the process of applying heat to adjust the hardness of the product). As a result, the properties of strong steel are fully exploited.

This kind of time-consuming process creates a product with a high level of hardness and tenacity. KEIBA products have been evaluated as "lasting for a long time". Manufacturing that takes time and effort leads to such qualities as high wear resistance and toughness."