Bonsai Humidity Tray / Bonsai Drip Tray Rectangle - Size Options

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  • Top quality Japanese made under tray for bonsai trees
  • Jet black silk finish very heavy durable plastic
  • Perfectly flat and stable with integral small feet
  • The best quality under trays available anywhere
  • Available in four rectangular sizes.

Display your bonsai to their best advantage using these very high quality JAPANESE MADE Under trays. Made from high density, dimensionally stable super silky finished hard, jet black plastic. These lovely trays can be used as they come or filled with gravel. Helps prevent water finding it's way onto your furniture and paint work and if filled with aggregate will assist in raising humidity around your bonsai. Great for use with bonsai trees and all other house plants.

If you need an aggregate to fill the tray we highly recommend our S-Te Bonsai growing media product for this purpose.

Japanese made and of exceptional quality.

Small Rectangle 275x196mm - 10.75" x 7.75" TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Medium Rectangle 336x236mm - 13.25" x 9.25" TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Large Rectangle 407x297mm - 16" x 11.5" TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

 Extra Large Rectangle 460x345mm - 18"x 13.5"