Bonsai Growing Pots - Plastic Nursery Pots x 10 - CLEARANCE

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  • Bonsai Growing Pots - Plastic Nursery Pots x 10 - CLEARANCE 
  • 23cm diameter 5 litre capacity
  • Scruffy but solid and useable.

Here at Kaizen Bonsai we hate waste. Around here nothing gets wasted, even our junk mail gets shredded and used for packaging.

Everyone is banging on about single use plastics and these pots were destined for a dumpster only having been used once. We thought they could be put to better use than landfill. Graham has long advocated the use of tall pots for producing accelerated growth and these are what he's talking about. Plant a tree in the very top of the pot with loads of good deep growing media beneath, stand back and watch the fireworks. By summers end it's unlikely you will have seen such good growth in a pot.

These pots are rigid UV stabilized black plastic and have only been used once. Scruffy but still good useable pots sold for the price of packing them.

23cm diameter 5 litre capacity.

Price is for all 10 items as shown.