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Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer


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  • Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer

  • Available in 2 sizes, 100ml and 300ml

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Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer

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  • Bonsai Focus Balanced Bonsai Fertilizer


Bonsai Focus Balanced Natural Bonsai Fertilizer.

Bonsai trees have a very small amount of soil to grow in. For this reason it is important to feed them regularly and precisely - there is little room for error. It is vital to maintain the health and fertility of the soil for the long term success of the plant. Bonsai Focus is a precisely targeted organic nutritional formulation - enriched with humic and fulvic acids and seaweed to maintain fertility of the soil and nourish your bonsai trees. A unique product that takes the guess work out of fertilizing your bonsai.

Clean and convenient to use, just mix with water.

NPK. 1.9-0.7-3.9 with trace elements.

100ml - Makes 20 litres

100ml - £2.00
300ml - £4.00

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