Bonsai Drip Watering Kit

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Designed for watering plants in containers by way of a slow continuous drip nozzle.
This kit is quick and easy to set up and will take just a short time to adjust for ideal watering without waste. Perfect for use when you are away from your plants for an extended period.
Supplied with various adapters to allow connection to an outdoor tap or can easily be adapted to fit onto the end of a 1/2" diameter water hose.

Includes 15m thick wall micro bore vinyl pipe with multiple T pieces and straight connectors. Allows the creation of branches from the main pipe to reach pots.

Includes 20x drip nozzles. Allow one nozzle per 20cm pot length.

Includes 15 support stakes to anchor nozzles accurately in your pots.

Also includes in line water screen and tap pressure reducer and pipe securing clips.

Supplied with full instructions.

Planned out carefully this simple little kit will provide accurate and reliable watering for your trees without waste associated with sprayer based watering systems.

Where more trees are involved it is easily possible to connect two or more kits together. For even more flexibility consider connecting via an automatic water timer.

A superb all inclusive kit that is simplicity itself to use.