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Bonsai Care - Cleaning Brush Kit

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  • Bonsai Care - Cleaning Brush Kit
  • 1 x stiff nylon bristle brush for cleaning branches and for removing lichen
  • 1 x soft brass bristle brush perfect for cleaning bark & removing moss
  • 1 x stiff stainless steel bristle brush for cleaning deadwood

Bonsai Care - Cleaning Brush Kit

Keeping bonsai trees clean is vital for their health and to ensure they are always displayed at their best.

These top quality brushes are made for the purpose. They have tightly packed bristles perfectly suited to the work and have stout soft grip handles.

Don't let the low price fool you, these are brilliant brushes that are in use on our nursery every single day.

Highly recommended, a definite improvement on a ratty old toothbrush.

185mm overall length.

Price is for all three brushes.

Colour may vary