The Strawberry Tree

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  1. Hi. My name’s Paulo. I’m from Portugal.
    I work with “Strawberry tree”. I loved you bonsai of “Strawberry tree”. Never seen like this in Portugal.
    Please email me…i would like to talk better with you.
    Tank you!

  2. A bonsai tree is any type of tree punerd or manipulated to keep it small. I have never heard of such a thing as a bonsai tree seed? Sounds like someone trying to make a buck, suckered you in. You can buy a small bare root evergreen seedling from any good nursery and have a better head start on a bonsai tree. They will probably have a wide variety to offer too. Then go to the local library and get information on how to wire, prune and shape your little tree.

  3. Roots use oxygen in the process of respiration that is part of cell division. ‘Breathing’ is an ambiguous term.
    I am of the opinion it takes a lot more than a shake of commercially produced product to develop an effective and bio active soil mix. Akadama is at best what we might call a hand watered hydroponic mix. If you want to go to all the trouble of making that work for you then respect is due. Products like that will support life and in some climates work well enough but I am of the opinion we can do a lot better.

  4. I am fascinated by your videos and the many description of methods and why they are done. May I ask you a few questions which puzzle me?
    1 There is so much written about ‘roots breathing’. I have a degree in botany but never have I recognised an organ structure in the root which can metabolise gases, any gases. What is true is that the many microorganisms of all sorts are able to convert gases in the soil into absorbable electrolytes. Loose well drained soil means just that; soil which does not retain water to create a soogy mass; it allows water to drain not gases to take over for absorption.
    2 I used the mycorrhyzal granules some years ago and when the plant required repotting, I was amazes to find the granules as they were when the plant was potted originally. I could only explain by thinking that a/ the granules had passed their shelf life or, b/ because I used pure akadama, the absence of humus was the cause of their inaction.
    What do you think? And by the way do you have any cascade pots on sale!!
    John Dowse
    Sorry. it’s not a comment on your article.

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