Bonsai Trade Deal – Half Price Trees

I seem to have done it again, gone out and bought another truck load of trees. I just can’t help myself 🙁 Trouble is I now need to clear out some serious space.

Here I have 10 trees to let go. I have offered these around the trade but everyone appears to be skint. Therefore I have decided to throw the deal out there and see what happens. These trees have all been on our nursery for at LEAST one year and are all 100%. Some are still listed on our Outdoor Bonsai trees page at full price. These trees are offered at below my buying price and are an absolute bargain. There are 10 trees exactly as pictured, what you see is what you get. Names are below the pictures. Delivery by wooden crate is included to most parts of the UK. Other destinations will cost more. All in price including VAT is £1950 (£1850 if you collect from us near Gt Yarmouth), SORRY BUT NOT REMOTELY INTERESTED IN OFFERS SWOPS OR OTHER SILLY DEALS (Harley Knucklehead may be considered). Drop me an email or call and we can get these to you in a few days.


Hinoki cypress

Italian Quercus Robour

Quercus faginea

As above, same tree

Pinus Mugo pumillo

Buxus sempervirens

Ulmus minor, lots of deadwood

Acer campestris – field maple

Crataegus monogyna- Hawthorn (white flower)

Prunus spinosa – Blackthorn

pyracantha – Firethorn

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